Anti-Property Rights Initiative Gets Boost from Unlikely Source


The National Center for Public Policy Research reports on a startling suggestion to severely curtail property rights between Charlottesville, Virginia and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in the name of historical preservation.

Update: Steven Greenhut has a list of points about property rights that Senator Allen and many others could learn from:

1. Just because you see it, doesn't mean you own it.

2. There is no constitutional right to a view.

3. There is no such word as "viewshed," a legal-sounding term used by environmentalists who want to claim the right to protect everything within their line of sight.

4. Government is supposed to be in the business of protecting individual rights (life, liberty, property) rather than abridging those rights in the name of trumped-up concepts, such "viewshed."

5. Why not try working things out with your neighbor (can I cut down that tree for you?), rather than lobbying the City Council for a law.

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