Archaic regulations of moving industry must go


Author: Timothy Sandefur

David Nicklaus of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured PLF’s economic liberty lawsuit in defense of entrepreneur Michael Munie in his column Sunday:

Michael Munie wants to grow his moving company, but sometimes he has to turn potential customers away.

It goes against his business instincts and defies common sense, but it’s the law. Munie’s company, ABC Quality Moving of south St. Louis County, can handle household moves within the St. Louis area, or he can move you from here to, say, Los Angeles. But he can’t move a family from St. Louis to another part of Missouri.
Three years ago, ABC applied for a permit to operate statewide. As part of the process, the companies that already hold such permits had to be asked whether they needed any new competition. Not surprisingly, they said no, and ABC had to withdraw its application.

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