Are you paying attention Jerry Brown?


Author: Joshua Thompson

PLF friend, Roger Clegg, reports that New Jersey Gov. Christie, has "quietly dismantled" New Jersey's Division of Minority and Women Business Development.  From their website, it is clear that the program was set up to provide race- and sex-based preferences for New Jersey contracting.  So kudos to Governor Christie for dismantling this discriminatory program.  [For more on Gov. Christie, check out PLF Attorney Tim Sandefur's post on him.]

Contrast this to California's newest Govenor, Jerry Brown, who, while acting as Attorney General, established a track record of railing against Proposition 209 (California's landmark constitutional amendment prohibiting race- and sex-based preferences).  Of course, PLF, the leading defender of Proposition 209, defeated AG Brown's arguments in the California Supreme Court; thus, upholding the constitutionality of Proposition 209 (among other victories).  Nevertheless, Gov. Brown's past actions give little hope to defenders of equality under the law that he will defend Californians' right to be free from governmental based discrimination.  While here at PLF we hope Gov. Brown will follow New Jersey Gov. Christie's lead, nonetheless, we will remain vigilant and monitor the California Governor's actions vis-a-vis race- and sex-based governmental programs.