Are you uninsured?


Author:  Luke A. Wake

The Pacific Legal Foundation is looking for uninsured individuals willing to step forward as plaintiffs in a suit to challenge the constitutionality of the Individual Mandate provision of the recently enacted health care law. The Individual Mandate requires every American to purchase health insurance and imposes financial penalties upon individuals who refuse. This marks the first time in American history that the federal government has sought to force Americans to purchase any good or service against their will, and represents an attempt to expand the federal government's power at the cost of our liberties and individual rights.

The federal government has only those express powers authorized to it by the Constitution, and it has no power to force individuals to buy anything. Congress claims that the Individual Mandate can be justified under the Commerce Clause, but the commerce power has always been understood to have some limitations, and has never been understood to allow the government to force non-market participants to engage in commercial activities. As such, Pacific Legal Foundation has announced its intentions to challenge this provision and is seeking prospective plaintiffs with standing.

If you are uninsured, Pacific Legal Foundation is asking you to step forward. Please contact us if you are interested in serving as a client, or if you know of other individuals who may be. Please forward this post to your family and friends.