At 50, it is time for affirmative action to retire


Author: Joshua Thompson

So argues PLF friend and President of the Center for Equal Opportunity, Roger Clegg, in this editorial in the Washington Times.  Snippet:

There are those who believe racial preferences were needed in the 1960s, in the immediate aftermath of Jim Crow. I’m not one of them, but I respect that point of view. Now, however, it is 2011, and I respectfully suggest that times have changed.

Every day you can pick up the paper and read the latest census figures, which demonstrate that America is increasingly a multiracial and multi-ethnic country. Black Americans no longer make up the largest minority group – Latinos do. The number of Asian-Americans is growing rapidly, too. So now, according to studies my organization has published, racial preferences in universities are commonly awarded to Latinos over Asians. Where is the historical or moral justification for that?

What’s more, individual Americans – starting, most obviously, with President Obama – are more and more likely to be multiracial and multi-ethnic. Mr. Obama’s wife and, accordingly, their children, have not only black American, but white and American Indian blood; their White House predecessors, the George W. Bush family, includes Latinos.

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