Back to School Choice 2015

August 24, 2015 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

School choice is too important to only celebrate for one week in January, so three years ago PLF created Back to School Choice Week. Much like it’s bigger brother Back to School Choice Week is designed to raise awareness of school choice. As children are headed back to school after the summer, we think it’s an important time to remind people that millions of children in the United States have no choice in where they attend school.

School choice is the belief that parents and students should have some choice over how and where they are educated. Students should not be relegated to a failing public school simply because of where their parents live, or how much money their parents can spend.

School choice comes in many forms — from charter schools to tax credit scholarships to vouchers to homeschooling. PLF is the nation’s leading advocate for all these different school choice options. Over the past year we have argued for school choice in courts in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Alabama, California, and North Carolina.

All this week on the Liberty Blog, we will be discussing school choice and highlighting PLF’s work defending parents right to choose.