Birds of a Feather Flock Together: PETA Sends Framed Award and "Thank-You" Note to Coastal Commission


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) conferred an award on the California Coastal Commission for "saving baby birds from 'bombardment.'"  The award was prompted by the California Coastal Commission's recent decision to stop PLF's client–Gualala Festivals Committee–from displaying a fireworks show this past Fourth of July.

A PETA press release explains:

"To birds and other animals, Independence Day might seem more like War of the Worlds than a summertime celebration. Noisy Fourth of July fireworks are frightening to animals who don't realize that the explosions are entertainment, not danger. . . .  Thanks to the Commission's tough and compassionate stand, the seabirds off the coast of Gualala were spared what surely would have been a terrifying Fourth of July ordeal."

Make no mistake about it, folks:  Groups like PETA and the taxpayer-funded California Coastal Commission are pushing a frightening political agenda against human existence and development.  If they had their way, all Independence Day fireworks displays and much more would be banned across the country.