The Hill : ‘Coalition for TJ’ ruling shows courts can stop cheating on race preferences

May 16, 2022 | By ALISON SOMIN

A federal district court recently struck down the Fairfax County School Board’s (FCSB) revamped admissions scheme at the highly selective magnet school, Thomas Jefferson High School, in Alexandria, Va., as racially discriminatory against Asian American students. Although a 2-1 Fourth Circuit panel stayed the Coalition for TJ v. FCSB judgment ...


‘The use or misuse of that power is everything’ : Professor X’s lesson for the administrative state

May 09, 2022 | By DUNCAN SCHROEDER

Marvel fans far and wide are excited about the theatrical release of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which introduced X-Men franchise fan favorite Professor X to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the X-Men films, Professor X is a respected telepath who leads the mutants (humans with gene mutations that give them powers). The … ...


The Hill : Massachusetts grandmother lost her savings to tax foreclosure law

May 09, 2022 | By CHRISTINA MARTIN

When Deborah Foss, a 66-year-old grandmother in New Bedford, Mass., bought her home in 2015, she expected it would be where she would live the rest of her life in comfort and security. But by February of this year, she had been forced from her home and is now reduced to living in her car. … ...


Washington Post : Asian students are victims of Montgomery County’s achievement gap

May 06, 2022 | By CAROL PARK

Is it legal to penalize top-performing Asian American students to help students of other ethnicities? Legal or not, it is happening all around the country. In February, a federal judge sided with the Pacific Legal Foundation and ruled that Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County adopted a test-free admission proces ...


This tenured professor is fighting for her right to free speech after university tried to “cancel” her

May 05, 2022 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss is a fully tenured professor of anthropology at San Jose State University.   When you speak with her, the passion she feels for her work as a scholar and a lecturer is reflected in her radiant smile.   She is well-spoken and calmer than you’d expect one to be while discussing how her … ...


John Stossel highlights the home equity theft scheme robbing individuals of their property

May 04, 2022 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

John Stossel’s newest video highlights our client Tawanda Hall and unmasks the predatory “tax and take” scheme known as home equity theft.   Tawanda Hall is a Michigan-based nursing assistant and a mother of four. For nearly a decade, she raised her family in a home she and her husband purchased in the city of … ...


The Washington Examiner : Wisconsin ended home equity theft. Other states should follow.

May 04, 2022 | By CAROL PARK

The Badger State just became a better place to live and own a home. A recently passed law bans counties from engaging in an unjust practice known as “tax and take” or “home equity theft.” Home equity theft is only possible in around a dozen states across the United States. In those states, if you … ...


Reverse Robin Hood—How private firms profit from home equity theft

May 02, 2022 | By NICOLE W.C. YEATMAN

Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. That’s the opposite of what’s happening in Massachusetts, where home equity theft allows the state to steal homes from struggling, low-income families and give them to private investment firms.   It should be said: Companies that profit from home equity theft—the unconscionable gov ...


What is the difference between originalism vs. textualism vs. living constitutionalism?

April 27, 2022 | By JAMES BURLING

While we hear legal debates around originalism vs. textualism during high profile Supreme Court cases, they can often feel like vague terms. What exactly is originalism vs. textualism?  The late Justice Antonin Scalia called himself both an originalist and a textualist. Justice Neil Gorsuch is cconsidered “a proud textualist,” and yet ...