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Economic Liberty

May 18, 2021

In an (almost) post-pandemic America, people need theater now more than ever

There is something particularly magical about live theater. Many of us can probably remember the first show we saw, how the songs or dialogue made us feel, how we related to a character on stage. Theater, it could be argued, connects individuals to the human experience unlike any other form of art. There is a ...

May 17, 2021

The Hill: After losing a congressional seat, California needs a course correction

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California's leading exports are computers and electronic products. But these days, it feels like the top exports are jobs, residents and misguided public policy. Companies such as Tesla, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle — once staples of Silicon Valley — are moving to more employmen ...

May 11, 2021

The Hill: Utah should open its doors to economic opportunity

On the heels of a pandemic, states should be inviting innovation, entrepreneurship and economic recovery. But a recent story in Utah exemplifies a disturbing trend in America: banning all business models not explicitly permitted and depriving people of their shot at the American Dream. Late last year, Utahan entrepreneur Zachary Stucki reached out ...

May 07, 2021

Separation of theater and state: One performer is challenging NYC’s selective COVID restrictions

It takes courage and grit to stand up to authority when your basic rights to free expression and economic liberty are threatened—especially when you're leading the charge on behalf of dozens of others. Yet, in spite of the many obstacles that accompany taking on "the man," one performer is fighting back against New York's arbitrary ...

May 05, 2021

Houston Chronicle: Make busking protected speech in all of Houston, not just the Theater District

Tony Barilla is an accomplished accordion player who wants to busk — that is, to perform in public for tips — on the streets of Houston. Many of the world's great cities like New York, Paris, London and New Orleans are known for their robust busking cultures. Street performers and their music make these cities ...

April 20, 2021

Who is pushing to reinstate regulations eased under Covid?

As we inch toward pre-COVID normalcy, it's important to recognize how much Americans have benefited from temporarily cutting red tape. It's equally important to recognize who's lobbying to return to red tape normalcy. A recent Wall Street Journal article questions whether the easing of regulations that occurred during the pandemic should be abandon ...