Foundation for Economic Education : How a California tattoo artist beat public health officials who tried to deny her a permit

April 22, 2022 | By CALEB TROTTER

California tattoo artist Delia Fields is finally free to do what she loves. That’s the good news. However, her story highlights the uneven—some would say arbitrary—constitutional protections enjoyed by some entrepreneurs but not others. The last few years haven’t been easy for Delia. She lost everything she owned in the Camp Fire of ...


Digital nomads beware — living in Airbnbs can mean waiving your Fourth Amendment rights

February 28, 2022 | By DANIEL WOISLAW

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky is a billionaire without a home: Chesky is one of many white-collar workers who decided to become “digital nomads” during the pandemic, living and working full-time in a series of short-term rentals in different cities. The growing trend has been a boon for Airbnb, which enjoyed its best year yet in … ...


State legislatures should hold their occupational licensing boards accountable

February 14, 2022 | By DANIEL DEW

Occupational licenses, which impact a wide variety of professions, require workers to obtain state-issued “permission slips” before working in their desired fields. Often, if not always, the state licensing boards with the authority to accept and deny license applications as they please are stacked with individuals representing special ...


The Daily Reflector : Fighting back against Farmville right thing to do

December 31, 2021 | By PLF

By Mark Shirley The restaurant business is hard work. Long hours, narrow profit margins, fierce competition — given the challenges, it’s not surprising that 60 percent of new restaurants fail in their first year. I was prepared for all those challenges and more when I launched my barbeque business, Ole Time Smokehouse, in a food … ...


State regulators are preventing a New Orleans social worker from helping families with special needs children

November 18, 2021 | By NATHANIEL HAMILTON

When Ursula Newell-Davis of New Orleans sees someone with a problem, she looks for a way to help—it’s in her nature. That’s what led her to her calling as a social worker, where Ursula has worked the past two decades with special needs children and their families. But Ursula has her own problem: the Louisiana … ...


The North State Journal : Food truck pitmaster fights Farmville’s protectionist laws for right to earn an honest living

November 09, 2021 | By JESSICA THOMPSON

Given all the heat around political debates these days, it’s understandable that people try to avoid what’s known as the third rail of North Carolina politics: the barbeque question. For over a century, North Carolinians have debated whether Lexington-style or Eastern-style barbeque represents the true Carolina barbeque. But barbeque hi ...


Despite a pandemic and excess local regulation, food truck owner Mark Shirley refuses to abandon his dream

October 13, 2021 | By BRITTANY HUNTER

No one ever starts a business with the intent to fail. But thanks to Farmville, North Carolina’s new food truck regulations, one man’s burgeoning business stands in jeopardy. It takes a great deal of courage to leave your established career and follow your bliss, but that is exactly what Mark Shirley did. For years, Mark … ...


Why is it so hard to be a California farmer?

September 20, 2021 | By ETHAN BLEVINS

In August, California’s State Water Resources Control Board voted unanimously to drastically reduce farmers’ rights to draw water from the state’s two largest rivers. The decision was just the latest in a series of blows to thousands of California farmers who are struggling to keep their farms alive, thanks to shrinking water allo ...


The Hill : Biden’s economic reform ought to consider certificate of need, too

August 23, 2021 | By ANASTASIA BODEN

President Biden recently called on the federal government to increase competition in the U.S. economy as a way of boosting wages, increasing employment, and allowing people to move between jobs. One of his biggest targets was occupational licensing, which has become a hot topic thanks to egregious examples such as states requiring thousands of hour ...