Blogging from our man in Hawaii . . .


Author:  Anne Hayes

If you scroll through the staff photos on our website, you will find Robert Thomas as the attorney who heads up PLF's Hawaii Center.  Although Mr. Thomas works with PLF, he hold the title of Director at a private law firm in Hawaii and specializes in land use and appellate law.  He also has his own blog,, as well as a very active Twitter account, @invcondemnation.  If you are interested in land use issues, Hawaii law, or just interesting legal commentary, we highly recommend his blog and recommend a Twitter follow.

This week, he has been live-blogging from Beijing at the Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference sponsored by William & Mary Law school, where PLF's Jim Burling is one of the speakers.  He also regularly posts blogs on PLF's property rights cases, including, recently, a case that has been petitioned to the U.S. Supreme Court, Colony Cove Properties v. City of Carson.  We expect to hear on Monday whether the Court will accept the case.


Thomas - Robert 7-08