California Legislature considers coastal bills


Last week, PLF Principal Attorney, Paul Beard, reported on two troubling bills introduced in February that would amend the California Coastal Act to drastically expand the powers of the California Coastal Commission.  Monday, I attended the hearing of the California Assembly Committee on Natural Resources to live tweet the progress of AB976 and AB203, both of which were heavily opposed by organizations such as the California Cattlemen’s Association, the California Association of Realtors and the California Farm Bureau Federation, to name a few.

After some debate with the opposition, ex-Coastal Commissioner and freshman Assembly Member, Mark Stone, co-author to both of the bills, mustered enough support to pass AB 976 and AB 203 through Natural Resources and send them off to the Judiciary and Appropriation Committees, respectively.

PLF’s @TheCoastWatch which will be providing up to date information on these bills and reporting live from committee hearings and Coastal Commission Meetings.