"Can the Endangered Species Act Compel America to Abandon Fossil Fuels?"


Author: Brandon Middleton

Via the Financial Times, a nice summary by Marlo Lewis on how the Endangered Species Act may eventually be used to limit an individual's day-to-day activities.  An excerpt:

[O]nce the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) listed the polar bear as a “threatened species” on the supposition that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are melting the bear’s Arctic habitat, the ESA logically requires that people stop engaging in CO2-emitting activities. The potential for mischief is vast. Carbon dioxide emissions come from fossil energy use, which in turn derives from economic activity. There is hardly any economic activity in the modern world that does not, directly or indirectly, produce CO2 emissions. Hence, almost any economic activity can be deemed to threaten the polar bear and, thus, violate the Act!