Christian Science Monitor features Matt Sissel

September 14, 2010 | By PACIFIC LEGAL FOUNDATION

Author: Luke A. Wake

The Christian Science Monitor has published an op-ed by Matt Sissel, Pacific Legal Foundation's client in our federal lawsuit challenging the new national health-insurance mandate.

Matt Sissel is a small-business person in Iowa City and a veteran who served eight years in the Iowa Army National Guard. He spent two years in Iraq, serving as a combat medic and eventually being awarded a Bronze Star. His law suit targets the "Individual Mandate," a provision in the new health care law that requires everyone but the poor to buy health insurance if he or she doesn't have it through an employer.

In his op-ed, "Health-care reform: Why I am suing to get my freedom back," Sissel writes: "While I am proud to have served my state and my country as a volunteer, I object to being conscripted into a federal health-care program that is at odds with basic constitutional principles of individual rights and limited government."