Coastal Commissioner Sara Wan in hot water


Author:  Paul J. Beard II

The California Coastal Commission routinely steals from and bullies coastal landowners who simply want to develop, use, and enjoy their properties.  Among property-rights violators, the Commission may be the very worst.  And among the agency's 12 voting members, Commissioner Sara Wan, whose disdain for property owners and their rights is legendary, may be the worst of the lot. 

Wan recently became chairperson of the Commission.  The position gives her much influence over the agency's agenda and operations.  But her rise to power is not without controversy.  

In an insightful article published in The Daily Caller, Laer Pearce offers a profile of, as he puts it, "the Queen of the Coastal Star Chamber," and casts doubt on Wan's future on the Commission.  The article discusses several of PLF's high-profile cases against the Coastal Commission.  It is a must-read.