July 19, 2007

Court Ruling Thwarts Eminent Domain

By Court Ruling Thwarts Eminent Domain

by Timothy Sandefur

The Asbury Park (N.J.) Press has been following eminent domain controversies in New Jersey quite thoroughly in the past couple of years. In Monday's issue, attorney Peter Dickson had a letter to the editor regarding the Gallenthin case. Excerpt:

We all might as well get used to it. The days of using the redevelopment law to uproot working-class neighborhoods and stores in favor of rich developers, fancy condominiums and Starbucks are over.

We'll just have to live with the diverse character — maybe we can even come to appreciate the many values — of our towns, instead of turning them into soulless copies of shopping malls.

Sounds a bit optimistic to me, but it's nice to hear!

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