Developer Takes on City Hall And Wins, Thanks to Prop. 207


by Timothy Sandefur

Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic has this excellent article on Phoenix's repeal of its "historic designation" ordinance, which would have severely restricted property rights of many homeowners in Phoenix. Roberts writes,

This isn't about a city saving history. It's about a city controlling property. Which wouldn't be so bad, except that it isn't their property. It belongs to [Scott] Haskins. "They wanted to play Socialist Republic of Phoenix and got their hands slapped, hard," he told me.

His plan shows condos up to four stories, as the zoning allows, condos he promises will be an architectural point of pride. I hope so. He's already made his mark on this place once. He's the guy who took on city hall shenanigans and won.

That's always good to hear, but the story isn't over yet. The repeal may have only been a temporary measure. Meanwhile, cities throughout Arizona are trying to draft "waivers" that they will force property owners to sign in exchange for building permits and things–waivers which require property owners to give up their right to sue under Proposition 207.