August 3, 2006

Eminent Domain Misundertood[?]

By Eminent Domain Misundertood[?]

Eminent Domain Watch has an item here commenting on misunderstandings about Florida's new eminent domain law. "Despite Florida's laws against taking property for the elimination of blighted areas, people still believe that it can be done, said a state redevelopment organization spokeswoman.

"People thought we could just go in and take their homes in a Community Redevelopment Area," said Carol Westmoreland, executive director of the Florida Redevelopment Association. "We weren't taking people's homes and we can't take people's homes or businesses."

Well, perhaps one of the reasons people misunderstand is because they know of attempts by officials in Riviera Beach to simply flout the new law and take homes anyway. You can read more about the Riviera Beach case here.

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