July 19, 2007

Eminent Domain Victory in Missouri

By Eminent Domain Victory in Missouri

Gideon Kanner has news of a victory for property owners in a state that is particularly bad when it comes to eminent domain for redevelopment. Here is the court's decision.

Kanner writes,

So what we have here is another right-to-take case from a state supreme court, and another rejection of the Kelo anything-goes approach.  So far, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina have rejected the Kelo approach of taking at face value whatever the condemnor-municipality offers as evidence, even when that "evidence" can only be said to bear a rational relation to the conceivable. In the Show-Me state it will take more than that.

The US Supreme Court's majority now stands effectively isolated from the mainstream of American judicial thought on the right to take.

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