May 31, 2017

End Minnesota’s Political Apparel Ban

By End Minnesota’s Political Apparel Ban

Minnesota is taking the ban on campaigning in polling places too far. This violation of free speech puts too much power in the hands of election managers to decide what is an acceptable political statement during voting. The law turns voters who wear tee shirts that have slight, sometimes unintentional, political statements on their clothing, into criminals.

With the help of Pacific Legal Foundation, the Minnesota Voters Alliance is taking on this unconstitutional law.

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Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a polling-place dress code in Minnesota, upholding free speech rights across the nation and protecting the right of Americans to peacefully express their political views at the polls.

PLF represented Minnesota voters, including Andy Cilek, who showed up at his polling place wearing a t-shirt that read “Don’t tread on me.” State law bans voters from wearing any “political” apparel at a polling place. This includes any t-shirt, button, or other items that could be construed as political, or even organizations that take political positions such as the AFL-CIO or NRA. A poll worker not only prevented Andy from voting for five hours, but also took down his name for possible prosecution.

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