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Blog > More Endangered Species Act problems …

More Endangered Species Act problems …

August 29, 2014 I By REED HOPPER

Over at the Reason Foundation website, Brian Seasholes has an interesting post underscoring conflicting environmental policies under the Endangered Species Act and highlighting our gopher frog case. The article is entitled The Endangered Species Act Hits Affluent Maryland Suburb of the Nation’s Capitol and People are Furious. It starts with this provocative intro:

Newsflash! The Endangered Species Act is very powerful law used by special interests to stop development projects and use of natural resources they don’t like. Actually, that’s old news to large portions of America that have suffered under the Act for decades, such as the Pacific Northwest, California’s Central Valley, much of Texas, and huge swaths of the South and Southwest.

But it’s new news for one of the unlikeliest places imaginable: Chevy Chase, Maryland—the wealthy and ostentatiously “green” town that abuts Washington, D.C …

Debate about the Endangered Species Act is heating up nationwide and this is an example of why. You can read the full post here.

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