EPA's illegal light duty vehicle rule must go


Author: Ted Hadzi-Antich 

EPA has done it again.  It has failed to send yet another greenhouse gas regulation for review to it's own blue ribbon panel of experts known as the Science Advisory Board (SAB).  This time, it's the light duty vehicle regulation (LDVR).  EPA's LDVR requires all new automobiles to achieve drastic emissions reductions of carbon dioxide, a ubiquitous natural substance essential for life on Earth.  In its breakneck-paced efforts to save the world from carbon dioxide, EPA utterly failed to submit the LDVR to the SAB for review, as required by law.  The SAB submittal requirement is not a legal technicality.  It's an important regulatory process control put in place by Congress to ensure that EPA rules make scientific, technical, and economic sense.

Last week, PLF filed a petition for reconsideration with EPA. demanding that EPA rescind the LDVR and send it to SAB for review, as required by law.  EPA is not above the law and must comply with it, just like the rest of us.  Here's a link to PLF's press release.  A video describing PLF's challenge to the LDVR is set forth below.