Escondido's Taco of Tyranny


by Timothy Sandefur

The North County (CA) Times reports on the threat of eminent domain against a Mexican restaurant, to benefit private developers:

On Aug. 16, the Escondido City Council will conduct a public hearing to start the city toward seizing 1.4 acres at 700 W. Mission Ave. that is now home to El Mexicano Taco Shop. City officials are eager to help developer Sunset Centers build a Lowe's and 164 condominiums where a K-Mart and mini-golf course once stood, and El Mexicano stands in the way of a cul-de-sac and street widening they need to do it.

One of the unfortunte things about the taco of tyranny is that it's often paired with the burrito of bullying and the enchilada of eminent domain. And that's a combination that would give the founding fathers serious heartburn.

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