March 15, 2010

Green jobs and snake oil

By Green jobs and snake oil

Author: Brandon Middleton

Apropos of my colleague Damien Schiff's post on enviromental regulation and wealth, I found this comment by Megan McArdle amusing:

But green jobs have become the ginseng of progressive politics: a sort of broad-spectrum snake oil that cures whatever happens to ail you. They are the antidote to economic malaise, an underskilled labor force, the inherent unwillingness of the public to suffer any significant economic and personal dislocation in order to save the environment. They enhance nationalistic vigor. (If we don't act now, the Chinese will steal all of our green jobs!) They stave off aging of stale political platforms. And I'm pretty sure they're good for bunions, too.

H/T: Instapundit.

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