Happy birthday to James Madison


Author: Joshua Thompson

PLF would like to wish one of our greatest Founders (and my personal favorite), James Madison, a very happy 260th birthday!  300px-James_Madison

James Madison's contributions to man's eternal fight for liberty cannot be overstated.  He was the principal drafter of the United States Constitution – a document that has provided liberty and opportunity to millions of people in a manner never before imagined.  And though Madison initially opposed a bill of rights (arguing that the Constitution did not grant federal government power to infringe on such rights as an initial matter), he authored and introduced the Bill of Rights, as a Representative in the first United States Congress.  That one man is responsible for these two documents should demonstrate what a special mind and pen James Madison possessed.

Madison's contributions to political theory are nothing short of brilliant, and remain as inspiring today as when they were first penned. For example, in Federalist #10, Madison basically outlined the problems created by public choice theory, arguing that the Constitution would help curb the effects of faction.  His lifelong correspondence with Thomas Jefferson demonstrates Madison's wonderfully brilliant insight into politics, leadership, education, and so much more. 

Our friends at the Cato Institute have a nice blog post commemorating Madison's brithday.  For those interested in reading more on James Madison, here are a few that we reccommend