November 25, 2009

Hugh Hewitt and PLF expose government-caused draught

By Hugh Hewitt and PLF expose government-caused draught

Author: Joshua Thompson

PLF President, Rob Rivett, appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show recently discussing PLF's fight against the government's fish-before-people regulations, which are starving farms, businesses, and communities in the San Joaquin Valley of water.  Mr. Hewitt devoted his entire 3-hour program to exposing the water restriction caused by the delta smelt.  The audio of the program is available on  PLF's website by following this link.

Mr. Rivett appears as the third guest in the opening segment.  PLF client, Jim Jasper, appears after Mr. Rivett.  Mr. Jasper is one of the named plaintiff's in PLF's ongoing lawsuit against the feds for their unconstitutional actions in restricting the water in the San Jaoquin Valley. 

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