April 16, 2024 Reason: The Supreme Court rules impact fees can violate your property rights too
April 14, 2024 Fox News: Supreme Court decides case of California man charged $23,000 by county to build on his own land
April 12, 2024 Reason: Supreme Court Rules there is no "Legislative Exception" to the Takings Clause
April 12, 2024 Los Angeles Times: Builders may fight ‘impact fees’ that fund municipal projects in California, Supreme Court rules
April 4, 2024 Fox News: Squatting trend at tipping point as migrants coach others how to exploit laws; experts warn, 'Damage is done'
April 3, 2024 Associated Press: Iowa repeals gender parity rule for governing bodies as diversity policies garner growing opposition
April 3, 2024 Los Angeles Times: Iowa repeals gender parity rule for governing bodies as diversity policies garner growing opposition
April 2, 2024 Fox News: Here’s how homeowners can fight against squatter insanity
April 1, 2024 Reuters: Conservative groups object to 'naming names' rule from Pfizer diversity decision
March 29, 2024 Reason: Are 'Squatters' Rights' Out of Control?
March 26, 2024 Fox News: Legal experts raise alarm on President Biden's 'plan B' student loan handout
March 19, 2024 Fox News: Why Idaho just closed a loophole that would allow state agencies to steal residents’ home equity
March 16, 2024 Reason: Cross-Ideological YIMBY Coalition Defies Increasing Polarization
March 15, 2024 Reuters: Landowner sues EPA, Army Corps over post-Sackett wetlands regulations
March 13, 2024 Washington Examiner: Montana hit with federal lawsuit over ‘race and gender balancing’ on medical board
March 9, 2024 The Washington Post: Next front in the attack on affirmative action: State diversity programs
March 9, 2024 New York Times: The Surprising Left-Right Alliance That Wants More Apartments in Suburbs
March 7, 2024 Associated Press: Iowa poised to end gender parity rule for governing bodies as diversity policies targeted nationwide
February 29, 2024 Los Angeles Times: California effort to confront implicit bias among doctors faces 1st Amendment challenge
February 27, 2024 Reason: More Evidence Minneapolis' Zoning Reforms Are Working
February 23, 2024 Politico: Legal fights over race in school admissions are still going strong
February 20, 2024 Reason: Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Involving Use of Race-Neutral Means to Facilitate Anti-Asian Discrimination at Selective Public High School.
February 20, 2024 Reason: After Supreme Court denies cases, Clarence Thomas offers hope to rent control critics
February 20, 2024 The Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court Rejects Case on Elite High School’s Diversity in Admissions Policy
February 20, 2024 Fox News: Alito issues fiery 10-page dissent as Supreme Court declines to review elite high school admissions case
February 20, 2024 Washington Examiner: Supreme Court rejects Virginia suit over race in high school admission policy
February 20, 2024 New York Times: Supreme Court Won't Hear New Case on Race and School Admissions
February 20, 2024 SCOTUSblog: Justices decline to intervene in another dispute over race and school admissions
February 14, 2024 Washington Examiner: Alabama real estate licensing board sued over ‘race quota’
February 14, 2024 Reuters: Affirmative action foe sues over Alabama real estate board's minority-only seats
February 7, 2024 Fox News: Biden’s attack on 64 million freelancers makes them less free
February 6, 2024 Reason: Do Americans Really Only Want Sprawl?
February 2, 2024 Bloomberg Law: Ninth Circuit Takes Up Biden’s $15 Wage for Federal Contractors
January 31, 2024 Reason: ACLU Sues Ronald McDonald House for Refusing To House People Convicted of Assault
January 25, 2024 Fox News: California county bills man $23,000 to build house on own property. Now the Supreme Court will decide his case
January 24, 2024 Labor Relations Radio: The War on Independent Contractors, Part II
January 22, 2024 The Wall Street Journal: The Sneaky Road Back to Race Preferences
January 22, 2024 Becker's Hospital Review: Mass General Brigham physician sues to save telehealth
January 22, 2024 Healthcare Innovation: N.J. Lawsuit Challenges State Licensure for Telehealth
January 21, 2024 WBTV: Director of contractor licensing takes new job at major construction company
January 19, 2024 NTD: Analysis on Supreme Court’s Move to Restrain Federal Agencies
January 19, 2024 InfluenceWatch Podcast: How SCOTUS Could Shrink the Administrative State
January 19, 2024 Bloomberg: Discrimination Lawsuit Challenges NY STEP Act
January 19, 2024 The Augusta Press: Injunction sought against new law on independent contractors
January 19, 2024 The Wall Street Journal: The Doctor Is In, but the Patient Is Out of State
January 19, 2024 Gothamist: Asian parents allege racial discrimination in New York’s STEM program
January 18, 2024 The Hill: How a homeowners association lawsuit could shape the future of the California coast
January 17, 2024 Reason: Will Elon Musk’s Twitter Sex Jokes End the Administrative State?
January 17, 2024 The Daily Caller: Here’s How A Few Fishermen Could Deal A Massive Blow To The Administrative State
January 17, 2024 E&E News: Supreme Court leans toward landowners in Texas flooding case
January 17, 2024 California Globe: Julie Su Sued Over Freelancer Rule
January 16, 2024 The Center Square: Judge rules Iowa gender quota is unconstitutional
January 16, 2024 The Advocate: Challenge to diversity on medical board shows how far backlash has gone
January 13, 2024 Times of San Diego: Supreme Court Case About Construction Impact Fees Could Upend Housing Market in California
January 11, 2024 Reuters: Iowa judicial nominating panel's gender quotas are unconstitutional, US judge says
January 11, 2024 Des Moines Register: Iowa law requiring gender balance on judicial commissions struck down as unconstitutional
January 11, 2024 Medscape: Louisiana Gov Sued Over Medical Board Diversity Rules
January 10, 2024 Reason: Supreme Court Oral Argument Indicates "Radical Agreement" that there is no "Legislative Exception" to the Takings Clause
January 9, 2024 Bloomberg Law: Pacific Legal Foundation Aims to Extend Supreme Court Win Streak
January 9, 2024 Orange County Register: Just say no to affirmative action in California – again
January 9, 2024 American Family News: Broad impact expected from Do No Harm case
January 6, 2024 The Times-Picayune: Conservative groups sue Louisiana medical board over diversity in selection process
January 2, 2024 American Family News: An answer to homeowners' prayers
December 27, 2023 New York Post: Florida bill aims to close key squatting loophole after homeowner terrorized for 34 days, $40,000 in damages
December 24, 2023 The Epoch Times: Family Business Sues EPA Over In-house Tribunals
December 23, 2023 Duluth News Tribune: Minnesota counties stand to lose millions after Supreme Court ruling
December 22, 2023 Miami Herald: Florida’s top court is asked to review ‘excessive’ property fines leading to foreclosure
December 21, 2023 Ballotpedia: SCOTUS hears oral argument in constitutional challenge to SEC enforcement proceedings
December 21, 2023 Macomb Daily: High court to hear debate in Macomb County case involving pandemic restrictions
December 20, 2023 City Journal: The New Racial Preferences
December 19, 2023 E&E News: Republicans ask Supreme Court to review Antiquities Act
December 18, 2023 Competitive Enterprise Institute: Should government-favored non-profits have their own shadow courts?
December 18, 2023 American Banker: CFPB might be over its anti-discrimination skis in Townstone case
December 11, 2023 PERC: Select The Endangered Species Act at 50
December 8, 2023 Bloomberg: Wall Street Cop Tried to Ban Firm for 60,000% Fee Hike. It Hasn’t Been Easy
December 6, 2023 AgDaily: Damien Schiff presented VERITAS Award by American Agri-Women | AGDAILY
December 3, 2023 City Journal: The Next Battle over Racial Preferences
December 2, 2023 Library of Economics and Liberty: A Passionate Panel on Parking. Really?
November 29, 2023 Reason: Federal Agencies Neglect Anti-Asian Discrimination in Education
November 29, 2023 The Washington Post: It’s furry, it’s fierce — and in much of the U.S., it’s protected
November 29, 2023 CEI: The catastrophic consequences of COVID for California constitutional government
November 28, 2023 Honolulu Civil Beat: Hawaii Governor Wants To Entice Maui Property Owners To Rent To Fire Victims
November 27, 2023 USA Today: Biden will not be deterred from using your money to pay off other people's student loans
November 21, 2023 Reason: Arizona Restaurant Owner Sues Over Costly Cage-Free Egg Mandate
November 19, 2023 Epoch Times: Select Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Development Impact Fees
November 17, 2023 The Center Square: Think tank ranks Iowa 34th in personal and economic freedom index
November 12, 2023 Reason: Few Species Have Recovered Under 50 Years of the Endangered Species Act
November 8, 2023 AL.com: How Alabama can strengthen property owner protections
November 8, 2023 Oregon Catalyst: It’s Time to End Home Equity Theft in Oregon
November 7, 2023 Epoch Times: Middletown City Attorney Talks Recent Changes in Delinquent Property Tax Enforcement
November 6, 2023 Reason: The best hope to rein in rent control is lurking on the Supreme Court's docket
November 5, 2023 American Thinker: Artist Couple Sue Texas City for Unconstitutional Restrictions on Murals
November 1, 2023 Delaware Valley Journal: PA Biz Tells California Bureaucrats To Keep On Truckin'
October 30, 2023 Sacramento Business Journal: U.S. Supreme Court case centers on El Dorado County development fees
October 30, 2023 Politico: School board urges Supreme Court to decline high school admissions case
October 30, 2023 Carolina Journal: Case from NC challenges unaccountable federal financial industry regulator
October 29, 2023 Daily Caller: ‘Not The Way The Constitution Works’: Medical, Science Advocacy Groups Want SCOTUS To Protect Regulatory State’s Power
October 26, 2023 MassLive: Court ruling spells end to unfair raid on homeowner equity in Massachusetts
October 25, 2023 NTD: Legal Foundation Says 9th Circuit Court Has ‘Gone Too Far’ in Its Homelessness Crisis Intervention
October 23, 2023 Houston Chronicle: Waller's anti-mural ordinance draws legal challenge from local artists
October 23, 2023 National Review: Regulators Weaponize the ‘Poof/Bang’ Test
October 18, 2023 The Washington Post: The Supreme Court blew a chance to fix its second-worst decision ever
October 16, 2023 The Washington Post: The Supreme Court needs to go fast and far in two major areas
October 14, 2023 The Washington Post: Alexandria repeals panhandling law, citing First Amendment issues
October 3, 2023 Bloomberg: Conservative Groups Scored Big Supreme Court Wins. Now They're Trying to Do It Again
September 30, 2023 Houston Chronicle: Federal lawsuit challenges Houston program supporting minority-owned businesses
September 26, 2023 Washington Examiner: North Carolina city sued for racial discrimination and quota system
September 25, 2023 San Fancisco Chronicle: Gavin Newsom sides with conservatives in urging Supreme Court to take up homeless encampments
September 20, 2023 Reuters: Houston sued over program setting aside public contracts for minorities
September 19, 2023 USA Today: She tried to start a business, but was told it wasn't needed. Supreme Court should change that.
September 13, 2023 Wall Street Journal: How Schools Flout the Supreme Court’s Affirmative-Action Ruling
September 8, 2023 New York Times: D.E.I. Statements Stir Debate on College Campuses
September 1, 2023 Fortune: Hawaii’s governor is furious as disaster capitalists try to buy stricken Maui real estate on the cheap after historic wildfire
August 22, 2023 The Hill: Supreme Court asked to hear new challenge on role of race in school admissions
August 21, 2023 New York Times: Supreme Court Is Asked to Hear a New Admissions Case on Race
August 17, 2023 Minneapolis Star Trinbune: Lawsuit: Seizure, sale of properties over unpaid taxes is 'revenue-generating scheme'
August 15, 2023 Washington Examiner: Biden returns to court over latest student loan debt forgiveness ploy
August 12, 2023 Fox News: Critics warn California bill protecting school officials would punish parents who speak out at board meetings
August 10, 2023 City Journal: How to Defeat Left-Wing Racialism
August 9, 2023 The Spectator: How political activism in medicine is failing patients
August 1, 2023 Fox News: California is about to let race shockingly tip the scales of justice
July 28, 2023 The Center Square: Entrepreneur sues Michigan over banning drones to find downed game
July 28, 2023 Steve Gruber Show: Mark Miller, Michigan targets drone entrepreneur; now faces lawsuit over unconstitutional application of the law
July 28, 2023 Reason: ACLU-Backed Complaint Says Not Renting to People With Past Evictions Is Illegal Race, Sex Discrimination
July 27, 2023 The Hill: She wants to help special-needs children, but she’ll need the Supreme Court’s help to do it
July 26, 2023 The Providence Journal: Coastal homeowners want to stop enforcement of new RI beach access law as lawsuit plays out
July 26, 2023 Reason: Mom Who Let Child Play at a Park Finally Removed From Unfit Parent Registry
July 25, 2023 The Center Square: House Republicans join push to overturn Chevron doctrine
July 16, 2023 Daily Caller: Supreme Court Could End Race-Based Admissions At Elite US High Schools, Experts Say
July 15, 2023 National Review: Wrapping Up the 2022-23 Supreme Court Term
July 13, 2023 Boston Globe: In the air and on the ground, new R.I. shore access law is already rolling out
July 13, 2023 Legal Insurrection: Lawsuit: Rhode Island Law Illegally Seizes Private Beachfront For Public Access
July 12, 2023 The Providence Journal: RI's new beach access law creates controversy, confusion and lawsuits as line is drawn in sand
July 12, 2023 Boston Globe: SCOTUS affirmative action overturn could harm new K-12 diversity
July 12, 2023 Arizona Republic: When Arizona universities force diversity and inclusion, they get neither
July 11, 2023 Yahoo News: Should the Supreme Court be expanded? Calls to pack the court grow after recent SCOTUS rulings
July 11, 2023 The Bulwark: Diversity, Equity, and … Conformity?
July 11, 2023 American Thinker: Incorporating Out-of-State Regulations is Unconstitutional
July 7, 2023 The Providence Journal: 'Get off my sand?': Coastal homeowners sue over shoreline law, but state is prepared to fight
July 7, 2023 Boston Globe: Property owners’ suit seeks to block new R.I. shore access law
July 7, 2023 The Public's Radio: Private property owners file lawsuit against Rhode Island’s new shoreline access law
July 7, 2023 Rhode Island Current: New shoreline access law faces first legal challenge
July 7, 2023 Providence Business News: Coastal property owners file lawsuit challenging shoreline access law
July 7, 2023 WLNE: Coastal homeowners file lawsuit against the state after shoreline access bill passes
July 6, 2023 RealClear Investigations: After Supreme Court Colorblind Ruling, the Slavery Reparations Fight Lives On as 'Not Race-Based'
July 6, 2023 RealClear Investigations: After Supreme Court Ruling, Reparations Fight Lives On as 'Not Race-Based'
July 3, 2023 The Atlantic: The Hypocrisy of Mandatory Diversity Statements
July 2, 2023 Pittsburgh Union Progress: Truckers file suit to stop Pennsylvania from using California clean air standards
July 1, 2023 Daily Caller: Don’t Stop At College — End Race-Based Admissions In Public Schools
June 30, 2023 Associated Press: Virginia high school admissions case could be legal follow-up to affirmative action ruling
June 30, 2023 USA Today: Supreme Court tosses Biden's student loan forgiveness plan where it belongs: the trash
June 29, 2023 Charles C.W. Cooke Podcast: Toccata
June 29, 2023 Bloomberg Law: Clarence Thomas Wins Long Game Against Affirmative Action
June 27, 2023 AgWeb: Landowner Sues EPA and Demands Jury Trial
June 26, 2023 Washington Examiner: The ACLU sides with bureaucrats against the little guy
June 26, 2023 American Family News: Lawsuit may put end to 'inclusive' grant program in Mass.
June 24, 2023 Arizona Daily Star: Stream regulation in Arizona likely slashed by Supreme Court, experts say
June 22, 2023 Bloomberg Law: San Jose State Settles Professor’s ‘Anti-Indigenous’ Speech Suit
June 22, 2023 Washington Examiner: It’s not racist to say some places are safer than others
June 22, 2023 The Eagle-Tribune: AG urges legislators to fix 'unconstitutional' tax laws
June 21, 2023 The Center Square: Tucson mom added to Arizona's 'Central Registry' blacklist wins court challenge
June 21, 2023 Legal Insurrection: Pennsylvania Trucking Industry Sues After State Regulatory Agency Adopts California Emissions Standards
June 20, 2023 Washington Free Beacon: A Small Business Complained About Crime in Chicago. Then the Feds Came After It.
June 9, 2023 AgWeb: Recognizing the Continual Improvement of Water Quality
June 6, 2023 Bangor Daily News: It’s time to end home equity theft in Maine
June 6, 2023 Progressive Farmer: Will EPA Need to Pull Biden WOTUS Rule?
June 5, 2023 Epoch Times: Supreme Court Overrules Local Governments for Seizing Homes
June 5, 2023 Nebraska Examiner: U.S. Supreme Court weighs in on Nebraska ‘home equity theft’ cases
June 2, 2023 Boston Globe: Massachusetts gets a chance to kick ‘equity theft’ to the curb
June 2, 2023 Fox News: Often divided Supreme Court shows unity in protecting this fundamental right
June 1, 2023 AL.com: U.S. Supreme Court ruling may impact property rights in Alabama
May 31, 2023 Associated Press: When should social workers separate families? A federal lawsuit raises thorny questions
May 31, 2023 Orange County Register: SCOTUS right to narrow the EPA’s power
May 31, 2023 Daily Caller: Small Business Owner Sues Over Grant Program Open To Everyone Except Straight White Men
May 31, 2023 Boston Globe: Supreme Court ruling could spell the death of ‘equity theft’ in Mass.
May 28, 2023 New York Post: Gorsuch rightly slams freedom-crushing ‘rule by indefinite emergency edict’
May 27, 2023 USA Today: As Supreme Court turns toward end of term, Americans battling the government are winning
May 26, 2023 Fortune: Supreme Court curbs U.S. government wetlands regulation
May 26, 2023 Associated Press: Supreme Court limits regulation of some US wetlands, making it easier to develop and destroy them
May 25, 2023 Bloomberg Law: US Supreme Court Curbs Clean Water Act in Blow to EPA Power
May 25, 2023 New York Times: Supreme Court Rules That States Are Not Entitled to Windfalls in Tax Disputes
May 25, 2023 Reason: Major Unanimous Supreme Court Victory for Property Rights in Tyler v. Hennepin County
May 25, 2023 SCOTUSblog: Justices rule Minnesota county violated takings clause
May 25, 2023 NBC News: Supreme Court rules for homeowner in 'equity theft' dispute
May 25, 2023 Washington Post: Supreme Court rules for woman who says county took too much for tax debt
May 25, 2023 ABC News: Supreme Court sides with 94-year-old MN woman, striking down govt 'equity theft'
May 25, 2023 Associated Press: Supreme Court rules in favor of 94-year-old woman who got nothing when county took her condo
May 25, 2023 Washington Examiner: Select Supreme Court unanimously backs 94-year-old grandma who lost home to foreclosure
May 25, 2023 Los Angeles Times: Supreme Court limits EPA protection for wetlands
May 25, 2023 The Washington Post: Supreme Court weakens EPA power to enforce Clean Water Act
May 24, 2023 Creators Syndicate: The Perils of 'Rule by Indefinite Emergency Edict'
May 23, 2023 Reason: Fourth Circuit Ruling in Anti-Asian Discrimination Case Sets a Dangerous Precedent
May 11, 2023 KCTV: Federal lawsuit filed against Shawnee over co-living ordinance
May 9, 2023 Fox News: Six of the most anticipated Supreme Court cases we could get decisions on by July 4
May 3, 2023 WBZ: Local News Family sues Massachusetts DCF, Waltham after kids taken in middle of the night
May 2, 2023 NBC Boston: Parents File Lawsuit After Kids Removed From Waltham Home in Middle of Night
May 2, 2023 Boston 25 News: Couple sues DCF, Waltham officials for removing kids from home without warrant
May 2, 2023 The Week: How one woman's home equity theft case made its way to the Supreme Court
April 30, 2023 Daily Caller: This Small Mortgage Company’s Legal Battle With A Federal Agency Raises Huge Free Speech Concerns, Advocates Say
April 29, 2023 Bangor Daily News: Supreme Court looks ready to ax Maine law letting governments profit from home seizures
April 27, 2023 Good Morning America: Supreme Court takes on what critics call predatory tax foreclosure practice
April 27, 2023 ABC News: Supreme Court takes on what critics call predatory tax foreclosure practice
April 27, 2023 Reason: The Government Stole Her Home Equity Over an Unpaid Tax Bill. Will the Supreme Court Vindicate Her?
April 26, 2023 Reason: Oral Argument Indicates Property Rights Likely to Prevail in Supreme Court Home Equity Theft Takings Case
April 26, 2023 Reason: Unusual Cross-Ideological Agreement in Tyler v. Hennepin County
April 26, 2023 KSTP: US Supreme Court hears arguments in woman’s lawsuit against Hennepin County
April 26, 2023 Minneapolis Star Trinbune: U.S. Supreme Court hears Minneapolis woman's fight for proceeds from the sale of her condo after it was seized for back taxes
April 26, 2023 SCOTUSblog: Justices appear likely to side with homeowner in foreclosure dispute
April 26, 2023 Reuters: US Supreme Court mulls legality of a state's property tax 'windfall'
April 26, 2023 NBC News: Supreme Court sympathetic to homeowner in 'equity theft' dispute
April 26, 2023 ABC News: Supreme Court seems sympathetic to 94-year-old who brought 'equity theft' case
April 26, 2023 The New York Times: Supreme Court Wary of Windfall in Seizure of Condo for Unpaid Taxes
April 26, 2023 Associated Press: Supreme Court Seems To Favor Woman Who Got $0 In Condo Sale
April 26, 2023 Washington Post: Supreme Court concerned county took too much from woman who owed taxes
April 26, 2023 The Hill Rising: The Government STOLE A 93-Year-Old Woman’s House; Will SCOTUS Stop This ABUSIVE Practice?
April 26, 2023 Epoch Times: Losing Your Home Over a Missed $588 Property Tax Bill—In 12 States Government Can Seize Your Home and Keep All Proceeds
April 26, 2023 NPR: Grandma didn't pay taxes. Now her house is focus of property rights test case
April 26, 2023 Forbes: A 94-Year Old Grandmother Fights Back After Government Sold Her Home—And Kept The Profit
April 26, 2023 Fox News: 94-year-old grandmother receives Supreme Court support over property forfeiture rights
April 25, 2023 Daily Caller: Supreme Court To Decide Whether Gov Can Seize 94-Year-Old’s Home, And Keep The Profits
April 25, 2023 SCOTUSblog: Court to hear dispute over confiscated condo title and sale
April 25, 2023 Bloomberg Law: Seized Home Sold for Profit Set for Supreme Court Consideration
April 25, 2023 Bloomberg Tax: States’ Forfeiture Rules Are on the Line in Supreme Court Case
April 25, 2023 Epoch Times: Democrats’ Push to Impose Ethics Code on Supreme Court Won’t Work, Legal Experts Say
April 24, 2023 Reason: She Had $2,300 in Unpaid Taxes. The County Bilked Her for $25,000.
April 24, 2023 Washington Post: The county seized her condo, sold it and kept all the money. Not nice.
April 23, 2023 Fox News: Homeowner heist? Supreme Court to decide limits of property seizures to satisfy tax debts
April 21, 2023 The Federalist: Justice Neil Gorsuch Dissents From Judge Neil Gorsuch On Sovereign Immunity Ruling
April 19, 2023 Wall Street Journal: CFPB Tries to Censor Speech on Chicago Crime
March 10, 2023 Reuters: Pacific Legal Foundation snags Supreme Court trifecta
February 28, 2023 Daily Wire: SCOTUS Conservatives Cool To Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation Plan
February 28, 2023 USA Today: Biden's student loan plan is an abuse of power. Supreme Court must rule against it.
February 27, 2023 Daily Caller: Supreme Court To Decide Fate Of Key Financial Regulator: ‘Constitutional Defects’
February 27, 2023 The Spectator: Inside the legal fight for a race-neutral America
February 24, 2023 Washington Post: Student loan forgiveness was not in the Heroes Act
February 24, 2023 Washington Examiner: Biden student loan Supreme Court battle revives legal test that doomed Obama climate rules
February 23, 2023 AIER: “They Mean to Be Masters,” A Review of Trust Us
February 23, 2023 Maryland Daily Record: Maryland tax sale process must change to stop harming Black residents
February 22, 2023 C&G Newspapers: Lawsuit over county-foreclosed homes goes another round
February 20, 2023 Epoch Times: Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan in Trouble at Supreme Court, Lawyers Say
February 15, 2023 HubWonk Podcast: Unchecked Agency Power: Consumer Safety Bans Fair Process
February 13, 2023 CNS: New Documentary, 'Trust Us,' Reveals the Dangers of Expert Worship
February 13, 2023 Reason: A White Employee Is Suing the City of Seattle for Alleged Racial Discrimination
February 12, 2023 Boston Globe: Seizing home equity over unpaid taxes is unfair to homeowners
February 11, 2023 American Thinker: How the Administrative State Subverts the Constitution
February 10, 2023 National Review: A State-Level Reassessment of Judicial Deference to Agencies
February 6, 2023 American Banker: Judge dismisses CFPB's redlining lawsuit over 'marketing discrimination' in home loans
February 6, 2023 Politico: Business lobby, GOP officials urge SCOTUS to reject student debt relief
February 5, 2023 Wall Street Journal: Mothers Have the Right to Choose Where They Give Birth
February 2, 2023 FarmProgress: Republicans call for new WOTUS rules to be repealed
February 1, 2023 New York Times: She Lost Her Childhood Home Over Taxes. Then It Erupted in Flames.
January 31, 2023 Cincinnati Business Courtier: Ohio Supreme Court decides precedent-setting case involving Cincinnati business owner
January 31, 2023 Hoover Institution: “Home Equity Theft” by the Tax Collector
January 31, 2023 Des Moines Register: 2 Des Moines midwives say Iowa stymied their plan to open a birth center. Now they're suing
January 30, 2023 New Bedford Light: ‘Home equity theft’ — in New Bedford and across Massachusetts
January 27, 2023 FEE: How a Massachusetts Town Seized a Farmer's $370k Property to Cover a $60k Tax Debt—and Kept the Change
January 27, 2023 Epoch Times: Documentary Exposes Rise of the Unaccountable Fourth Branch of Government, Rule by Experts
January 25, 2023 Minneapolis Star Trinbune: Heartless state law headed to high court
January 20, 2023 Forbes: Supreme Court Has Chance To End Home-Equity Theft
January 20, 2023 KSTP: US Supreme Court to hear woman’s property rights lawsuit against Hennepin County
January 19, 2023 Las Vegas Review-Journal: Grabbing $40,000 to cover a $15,000 debt
January 18, 2023 Fox 9: U.S. Supreme Court to hear case of woman whose home was seized by Hennepin Co.
January 17, 2023 Reason: They Fell Behind on Their Property Taxes. So the Government Sold Their Homes—and Kept the Profits.
January 17, 2023 Fox News: Minor, faceless federal officials would be stripped of their power to regulate in new bipartisan bill
January 16, 2023 Minneapolis Star Trinbune: U.S. Supreme Court to weigh legality of Hennepin County keeping revenue from seized properties
January 16, 2023 Epoch Times: Midwives Sue Iowa Over Law Allowing Hospitals to Veto New Childbirth Facilities
January 13, 2023 Epoch Times: Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Claim of 94-Year-Old Minnesota Homeowner That County Unconstitutionally Seized Her Home Equity
January 13, 2023 NBC News: Supreme Court takes up property 'theft’ dispute over unpaid taxes
January 8, 2023 Wall Street Journal: Judicial Thunder Out of Ohio
January 2, 2023 Based Politics: Georgia could save babies by eliminating this corrupt healthcare law
December 30, 2022 New York Times: Ahead of Major Court Case, E.P.A. Revises Clean-Water Protections
December 29, 2022 Reuters: Courts, not gov't agencies, have final say over ambiguous laws - Ohio top court
December 26, 2022 Houston Chronicle: A ban on ice cream trucks? These are the weirdest Houston-area laws you might not know about
December 26, 2022 The Epoch Times: 12 States Allow Home Equity ‘Theft’ Over Homeowners’ Tax Payment Shortfalls, Study Says
December 24, 2022 The Epoch Times: Chicago Businessman Sues County Over COVID-19 Relief Program That Blocks White People
December 23, 2022 Houston Chronicle: Busking for tips now legal in Houston after federal judge strikes down ordinance
December 22, 2022 Fox 26: Houston musicians can now legally busk in the streets
December 22, 2022 E&E News: 7 cases that reshaped environmental law in 2022
December 20, 2022 NTD: Biden’s Diversity Promise for Federal Benches
December 19, 2022 The New Republic: State Governments Probably Shouldn’t Be Able to Just Steal Your Money
December 13, 2022 Washington Examiner: Senate poised to vote on whether to protect charter schools
December 13, 2022 Miami Herald: Can the state take away your home because of a lien? One judge doesn’t think so
December 9, 2022 FEE: Young Montana Entrepreneur Is Being Legally Barred from Hauling Trash Because Established Players Don’t Want the Competition
December 1, 2022 The Centre Square Maine: Report: Maine permits 'equity theft' from homeowners
November 30, 2022 The Eagle-Tribune: State criticized for allowing 'equity theft' from homeowners
November 30, 2022 E&E: Supreme Court presses DOJ in property rights battle
November 29, 2022 Fox News: Seattle city employee sues over anti-White discrimination, ‘racially hostile work environment’
November 25, 2022 Wall Street Journal: New Jersey’s Brewery Buzzkillers
November 23, 2022 North State Journal: NC group joins lawsuit fighting Biden administration’s charter school grant regulations
November 21, 2022 Wall Street Journal: A Diverse Thanksgiving Without Affirmative Action
November 16, 2022 Greenfield Recorder: A resolution to abolish home equity theft
November 2, 2022 USA Today: Affirmative action: The next legal battle over race and education has already begun
November 1, 2022 Bloomberg: Biden’s Student-Loan Relief Plan Is Facing Supreme Court Challenge — Again
November 1, 2022 Insider: A second attempt to block Biden's student-debt cancellation lands at the Supreme Court
November 1, 2022 Fox Business: Biden student loan handout faces another emergency legal challenge
November 1, 2022 USA Today: Supreme Court asked again to intervene in Biden student loan forgiveness program
November 1, 2022 Washington Examiner: Supreme Court receives second emergency filing to halt Biden's student debt forgiveness
October 26, 2022 San Francisco Chronicle: Judge sides in part with couple challenging San Francisco’s lifetime lease ordinance
October 21, 2022 Reason: Lawsuit by SJSU Professor Who Opposes "Repatriation of Native American Remains" Can Go Forward
October 19, 2022 American Spectator: Biden’s Tone-Deaf New Labor Rules
October 19, 2022 Charleston Gazette-Mail: WV state charter school board suing over Biden Administration's new grant criteria
October 15, 2022 Reason: Sixth Circuit Rules Government Cannot Seize $300,000 in Home Equity to Pay $22,000 Tax Debt
October 13, 2022 Reason: Sixth Circuit Finds Government Seizure of Home's Equitable Title to Satisfy Tax Debt Was a Taking
October 13, 2022 AZ Central: What you need to know: A preview of the student loan forgiveness application is out
October 12, 2022 Orange County Register: Yes, even cities have to follow housing laws
October 12, 2022 USA Today: Biden's big student loan cancellation announcement: Applications still aren't ready!
October 9, 2022 Insider: Biden's student-loan forgiveness could be delayed next week as lawsuits continue to mount. Here's where the cases stand.
October 7, 2022 SCOTUS 101: Justice Jackson’s First Day
October 7, 2022 Matt Lewis and The News Podcast: Damien Schiff on Sackett v. EPA
October 5, 2022 Washington Post: Can the Supreme Court navigate this clean-water swamp?
October 4, 2022 USA Today: Biden’s fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants approach to canceling student loans is creating a huge mess
October 3, 2022 The Blaze: New Jersey brewery sues state over ‘deliberate attack’ on independent businesses
October 3, 2022 New York Times: On New Term’s First Day, Justices Hear Case on E.P.A. Power Over Wetlands
October 3, 2022 Washington Post: Supreme Court debates narrowing protections in Clean Water Act
October 3, 2022 SCOTUSblog: Justices ponder Clean Water Act’s application to wetlands in Jackson’s first oral argument
October 3, 2022 Time: The Supreme Court Could Shrink Federal Protections for Clean Water
October 3, 2022 LA Times: Supreme Court, with new justice, debates protecting wetlands
October 3, 2022 Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court Considers Middle Ground on Wetland Protections
October 3, 2022 Bloomberg: Will the Supreme Court Restrict the Scope of the Clean Water Act?
October 3, 2022 NBC News: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson wades into questioning about murky wetlands dispute as Supreme Court opens new term
October 2, 2022 The Hill: Supreme Court to hear case that could have massive impact on US water quality
October 1, 2022 Reason: New Jersey Brewery Sues State Over Outrageous Restrictions
September 30, 2022 Washington Post: Supreme Court to hear high-stakes challenge to Clean Water Act
September 30, 2022 Washington Post: Biden’s slapdash, election-season student loan gambit may be in trouble
September 30, 2022 Mass Live: Biden’s student loan relief built on shaky ground
September 30, 2022 NPR: A look inside the legal battle to stop Biden's student loan relie
September 29, 2022 Washington Post: Biden's costly student loan plan could use a constitutional review
September 29, 2022 Wall Street Journal: Taking Biden to Court
September 29, 2022 PEW: Losing a Home for Unpaid Taxes Often Means Losing Your Equity, Too
September 29, 2022 The Times of North West Indiana: Lake Michigan beach ownership case appealed to U.S. Supreme Court
September 29, 2022 National Review: Paul Waldman’s WaPo Defense of Joe Biden’s Illegal Conduct Is So Brazen It Defies Belief
September 29, 2022 SCOTUSblog: EPA’s authority over wetlands is at stake as justices wade back into regulatory morass
September 28, 2022 Courier Post: South Jersey brewery sues NJ ABC over 'deliberate attack' on craft industry
September 28, 2022 The Centre Square: Biased rules, Death brewer says, are ABCs of digging a grave
September 28, 2022 CNBC: What the first legal challenge to derail Biden's student loan forgiveness plan means for borrowers
September 28, 2022 Forbes: Is Biden’s $400 Billion Student Loan Forgiveness Legal? The Fight Goes To Court
September 28, 2022 Washington Post: Biden's student debt plan will likely be defeated in court. Good.
September 27, 2022 Time: Conservative Group Asks Judge to Block Student Loan Forgiveness
September 27, 2022 Politico: Biden’s student debt relief faces first major legal challenge
September 27, 2022 Associated Press: Libertarian group sues to block student debt cancellation
September 27, 2022 Wall Street Journal: Hooray, a Student Loan Plaintiff
September 27, 2022 Wall Street Journal: Biden’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Faces Early Lawsuit
September 27, 2022 Bloomberg: Biden's Student-Debt Relief Plan Will Cause Tax Hit, Suit Claims
September 27, 2022 Reuters: U.S. Education Department sued over Biden's student loan cancellation plan
September 27, 2022 NBC News: Lawsuit seeks to block Biden's student debt forgiveness program
September 27, 2022 USA Today: First lawsuit is filed challenging Biden's costly, unfair student loan forgiveness plan
September 27, 2022 Fox News: First lawsuit filed to block Biden's student loan handout
September 27, 2022 National Review: The First Lawsuit Is Filed against Joe Biden’s Illegal Student-Loan Move
September 27, 2022 Business Insider: A conservative group is suing to block Biden's student debt forgiveness, but it faces legal hurdles
September 27, 2022 New York Post: Biden's $420B student loan boondoggle is blatantly illegal -- but progressives don't care
September 27, 2022 CNN: New lawsuit attempts to block Biden's student loan forgiveness plan
September 27, 2022 New York Times: Lawsuit Seeks to Block Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation Plan
September 26, 2022
September 26, 2022 Bloomberg: The Supreme Court Is About to Display Its Power Imbalance Again
September 26, 2022 City Journal: Will the Supreme Court Go Further to the Right?
September 26, 2022 NJ.com: N.J. brewery sues state over rules it says are killing business
September 26, 2022 Philly Voice: Gloucester County brewery files lawsuit seeking to overturn New Jersey's restrictions on craft brewers
September 26, 2022 Patch NJ: Craft Brewery Takes NJ To Court Over 'Unlawful' Limits On Industry
September 23, 2022 WholeFoods Magazine: This May Be The Supreme Court’s Most Important Decision This Year
September 22, 2022 WKXW: NJ craft brewery sues state over event limits, other restrictions
September 22, 2022 NJ Indy: NJ brewery files lawsuit against state ABC over newly imposed limitations on the craft beer industry
September 22, 2022 Far Progress: EPA urged to hold water rule ahead of SCOTUS
September 22, 2022 Progressive Farmer: ESA Reforms Restored by Ninth Circuit
September 21, 2022
September 21, 2022 AgWeb: Conservation Nightmare as Landowner Fights Feds Over Property Regulations and Phantom Snake
September 20, 2022 Epoch Times: Baby Pillow Maker Sues Federal Regulator for Alleged Overreach
September 19, 2022 Politico Weekly Education: Charter Challenge
September 17, 2022 Reuters: U.S. court skeptical of challenge to elite Virginia school's admissions policy
September 16, 2022 E&E News: Sacketts seek new WOTUS test. It may not help them.
September 16, 2022 The Eminent Domain Podcast: Jon Houghton on Regulatory Takings
September 16, 2022 The 74: 4th Circuit Weighs Whether Elite Va. School Discriminates Against Asians
September 15, 2022 WDUN: Georgia’s Homeowner Assistance Fund unconstitutionally may discriminate based on race
September 15, 2022 St. George News: ‘I shouldn’t have to grovel’: St. George resident takes issue with city’s method of approving businesses
September 7, 2022 California Insider: Would California's Reparation Achieve Its Goal?
September 7, 2022 Epoch Times: Arizona Mother Sues After Being Placed on Child Abuser Registry Over Babysitting Dispute
September 7, 2022 Boston Globe: Boston Public Schools seeks to have exam school case tossed out of federal court, arguing ‘the case is moot’
September 5, 2022 The Standard-Times: Disabled New Bedford retiree's lawsuit over home taken for taxes settled for $85,000
September 2, 2022 New York Times: School Is for Merit
September 2, 2022 Madison - St. Clair Record: White farmers dismiss discrimination suit following repeal of loan forgiveness program
August 31, 2022 Free-Range Kids: Mom Found Guilty of Not Being Paranoid Enough
August 30, 2022 Reason: Mom Who Let Her 7-Year-Old Play at the Park Will Not Be Added to Arizona's Unfit Parent Registry
August 29, 2022 American Thinker: The CON Game: Legal Tyranny Is Bad for Babies
August 28, 2022 Omaha World-Herald: U.S. Supreme Court asked to rule on Nebraska's 'home equity theft' law
August 25, 2022 Boston Globe: Dispute over ‘stolen’ home equity is settled
August 25, 2022 Daily Caller: New California Law Makes It Easier To Kick People Out Of Public Meetings
August 25, 2022 Errors of Enchantment: Defending Charter Schools taking on administrative law
August 25, 2022 The Federalist: Why Are Hospitals Making Women Give Birth In Hallways Instead Of Backing Vital Birthing Centers?
August 24, 2022 Outlier Media: City, county slow to close tax-auction loophole speculators can use to imperil home ownership
August 23, 2022 AgWeb: Dogs of War: Landowners Sue State Over Property Rights v. Hunting Tradition
August 23, 2022 California Globe: CA Senate Forced to Significantly Amend AB 1604 Over Attempt to Institute Racial Preferences
August 22, 2022 Times of Northwest Indiana: US Supreme Court may be next stop for lawsuit challenging public ownership of Lake Michigan shoreline
August 22, 2022 WJBF: Woman opening birth center in Augusta sues Georgia
August 22, 2022 The Centre Square: COVID-19 emergencies linger throughout U.S. 30 months into pandemic
August 19, 2022 Michigan Live: Michigan counties profited off foreclosed homes. Now they may owe millions.
August 18, 2022 The Epoch Times: Midwife Clinic Sues Georgia After Local Hospitals Block Its Opening
August 18, 2022 CNN: Democrats reset effort to compensate farmers of color as part of new spending package
August 17, 2022 Reason: A Mom Let Her 7-Year-Old Play in the Park. Arizona Arrested Her and Banned Her From Working With Kids.
August 17, 2022 Supreme Court Brief: 10 Years, Same Clients, Same Goal
August 16, 2022 USA Today: Teachers unions may love Biden’s attack on charter schools, but parents won't be happy
August 11, 2022 The Texan: Texas Restaurateur Sues U.S. Department of Labor over ‘Unconstitutional’ Salary Requirement
August 11, 2022 Epoch Times: Texas Restaurant Owner Sues US Labor Dept. Over Compensation Rule
August 11, 2022 K-12 Dive: Ed Dept’s new charter rule challenged in Michigan lawsuit
August 9, 2022 Reason: Does This Woman Have a Constitutional Right to Her 'FCANCER' License Plate?
August 9, 2022 Washington Examiner: Charter schools sue Biden education secretary over new funding rules
August 8, 2022 The Washington Times: Biden administration hit with lawsuit over ‘sneak attack’ on charter schools
August 8, 2022 The Post Millennial: Biden's DOE faces lawsuit over 'kickback' to teachers' unions
August 7, 2022 Arizona Daily Independent: Woman Placed On Child Abuse Registry Fights Back Against DCS
August 2, 2022 California Insider: How DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Can Lead to Tyranny
July 27, 2022 The Federalist: Californians Sue Alameda County For Picking Government Contractors Based On Skin Color
July 27, 2022 California Political Review: Alameda County Sued Over Racial Preferences in Awarding Governmental Contracts
July 26, 2022 Daily Caller: California County Sued For Allegedly ‘Racist’ Government Contracting Requirements
July 26, 2022 The Federalist: Arizona Mom Who Works With Refugee Kids Fights Due-Process Denial That Would Place Her On No-Hire List
July 25, 2022 Bloomberg Law: Industry Groups, Red States Seek to Restore Trump Species Rules
July 21, 2022 Raising Arizona Kids: Tucson mom threatened with being placed on list for neglectful and abusive parents for letting kids play at the park
July 19, 2022 Courthouse News Service: Federal judge urged to block gender-balance rule for Iowa judicial selection panel
July 13, 2022 E&E: Republicans attack return of Obama DOJ settlement deals
July 12, 2022 Cook County Record: SCOTUS decision may doom feds' efforts to sue Townstone Financial over execs' talk radio speech: New filing
July 8, 2022 Bloomberg Law: Supreme Court’s Conservatives Want More Robust ‘Shadow Docket’
July 8, 2022 San Francisco Chronicle: Biden wanted to temporarily keep Trump rules weakening the Endangered Species Act in place. An Oakland judge tossed them
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July 6, 2022 Stossel: Change the Constitution?
July 1, 2022 Politico: What climate rules are OK? No one knows
July 1, 2022 CBN: Supreme Court Upholds Checks and Balances: 'Our Legislature Makes Our Laws, Not Unelected Bureaucrats'
June 30, 2022 Washington Post: Supreme Court’s EPA ruling upends Biden’s environmental agenda
June 29, 2022 AL.com: Alabama top court says local governments can’t pocket excess money from tax auctions
June 29, 2022 NTD: Supreme Court’s Response to Justice Thomas’s Opinion
June 28, 2022 California Insider: California’s Laws That Force You to Discriminate
June 27, 2022 Reuters: U.S. Supreme Court won't hear freelancers' challenge to California employment law
June 27, 2022 San Francisco Chronicle: Supreme Court rejects challenge to California’s worker classification law, letting AB5 stand
June 24, 2022 NTD: Supreme Court Had Traditional Reading of Law
June 24, 2022 Peninsula Clarion: Court ruling reopens part of Cook Inlet to commercial salmon fishing
June 24, 2022 Alaska Public Media: In victory for commercial fishermen, court orders Cook Inlet fishery to reopen
June 23, 2022 FIRE: Chancellor’s defense of proposed California Community Colleges DEIA regulations falls short
June 21, 2022 Daily Reflector: Businesses to rally for ‘economic freedom' at Friday event
June 15, 2022 E&E News: Whitehouse predicts fossil fuel ‘payday’ in West Virginia case
June 14, 2022 SCOTUSblog: Cases on Clean Water Act and Voting Rights Act will headline October oral arguments
June 11, 2022 The Coastland Times: Mobile art gallery owner sues Town of Kill Devil Hills
June 8, 2022 Cato Daily Podcast: When the Feds Mandate an Impossible Task
June 7, 2022 The Carolina Journal: Kill Devil Hills faces lawsuit challenging restrictions on ‘itinerant vendors’
June 7, 2022 The Outer Banks Voice: Vendor Ami Hill files suit against KDH
June 7, 2022 The Centre Square: SCOTUS to hear Montana road access case
June 7, 2022 Boston Globe: Boston parents ask federal appeals court to overturn exam school admission decision and let their children attend
June 6, 2022 Jurist: US Supreme Court to hear Quiet Title Act statute of limitations case
June 6, 2022 SCOTUSblog: Justices will analyze statute of limitations in Quiet Title Act
June 3, 2022 KCRG: Federal lawsuit tries to stop gender requirements on committee selecting judicial nominees
June 1, 2022 Capital Research Center: Government as a Special Interest in “Home Equity Theft”
June 1, 2022 The Eminent Domain Podcast: What Fifth Amendment Lawyers Need to Know about the Fourth Amendment
May 31, 2022 AZ Mirror: In Arizona, you can be forced to sell your condo
May 26, 2022 The Federalist Society's Teleforum: College Admissions: Fair or Fixed?
May 26, 2022 Des Moines Register: Lawsuit seeks to end gender requirements for Iowa judicial nominating commission
May 25, 2022 Reason: The DOJ Says a Man Whose Record Was Expunged Still Must Register As a Sex Offender, Which Is Impossible
May 25, 2022 The Standard-Times: New Bedford City Council looks at tax-debt issue behind lawsuit against the city
May 23, 2022 The College Fix: San Jose State anthropologist remains locked out of school’s human remains collection
May 20, 2022 Philanthropy Roundtable: California Courts Skeptical of State’s Board Diversity Quotas
May 20, 2022 Mother Jones: Meet the Muslim Mom Who Has Mobilized Asian American Parents in the War on Public Schools
May 18, 2022 Law & Liberty: Making Sense of Diversity in Our High Schools
May 17, 2022 City Journal: An Overt Political Litmus Test
May 16, 2022 The Eminent Domain Podcast: Christina Martin on Home Equity Theft
May 14, 2022 Santa Cruz Sentinel: Controversial SJSU anthropologist will remain locked out of Native American remains collection
May 12, 2022 The Oregonian: Judge ends Oregon ban on ‘love letters’ from would-be homebuyers
May 12, 2022 Associated Press: Judge permanently blocks ban on homebuyer ‘love letters’
May 11, 2022 Associated Press: Private property owners sue over Virginia’s hunting dog law
May 4, 2022 Stossel TV: Home Theft
April 23, 2022 The Miami Herald: Pay your real estate taxes or you could lose your home. Fair? Advocacy group says no
April 20, 2022 Creators: The Masks Are Off
April 18, 2022 The New Bedford Light: Fishermen sue President Biden over closing marine monument area to commercial fishing
April 17, 2022 Townhall: Parents, Virginia's AG Call on SCOTUS To Halt Discriminatory Admissions Process for Country's Best High School
April 15, 2022 The Washington Examiner: Virginia high school's discriminatory admissions policy must be struck down
April 14, 2022 The Virginia Mercury: Lawsuit challenges Virginia right to retrieve law for hunting dogs
April 12, 2022 Newsweek: States Ask High Court to Halt 'Race-Based Admissions Policy' at Top School
April 11, 2022 Cincinnati Business Courier: Ohio Supreme Court will decide case involving Cincinnati area business owner
April 6, 2022 KULR-TV: Billings massage therapists file federal lawsuit over city ordinance allowing random searches
April 6, 2022 Real Clear Investigations: The State and Local Leaders Who Aren’t Ready to Give Up Pandemic Power
April 3, 2022 Cherokee Tribune & Ledger-News: Cherokee County poised to deny some residents the right to rent out their homes
March 31, 2022 The Washington Examiner: Pandemic power grabs
March 30, 2022 Northern Virginia Magazine: Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The TJ Admissions Controversy
March 29, 2022 CommonWealth Magazine: Lawsuit challenges statute that denies homeowners profit from foreclosed homes
March 29, 2022 The Boston Globe: Efforts to ban ‘home equity theft’ in Massachusetts picking up steam
March 25, 2022 The Center Square: Lawsuit challenges rule banning swimming with spinner dolphins in Hawaii
March 18, 2022 Las Vegas Review-Journal: EDITORIAL: Federal court sanctions government theft
March 9, 2022 Baker City Herald: EDITORIAL: Judge right to block real estate ‘love letter’ law
March 7, 2022 Associated Press: US judge suspends Oregon ban on homebuyer 'love letters'
March 6, 2022 The Oregonian: Federal judge blocks Oregon’s first-in-nation ban on homebuyer ‘love letters’
March 5, 2022 Deseret News: Supreme Court will review controversial water rule. Here’s why Utah cares
March 4, 2022 USA Today: Federal judge blocks Oregon law banning 'love letters' from homebuyers over First Amendment rights
March 4, 2022 Forbes: Nation’s Top High School Sued For Racial Balancing, Admissions Policy Ruled Unlawful For Discriminating Against Asian Americans
March 4, 2022 Courthouse News Service: New York bar on ivory sales stirs passions at 2nd Circuit
March 3, 2022 The Center Square: Malibu rejected an ADU project proposal from a local couple. Now it's facing a lawsuit
February 26, 2022 Daily Mail: Judge: New admissions policies at elite school discriminate
February 25, 2022 Associated Press: New admissions policies at elite school discriminate
February 22, 2022 Creators: Don't Go to the Head of the Class, by Debra J. Saunders
February 18, 2022 Epoch Times: 10th Circuit Partly Blocks Biden’s $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Order for Federal Contractors
February 16, 2022 The New York Times: The Conservative Group Challenging Admissions at Elite High Schools
February 8, 2022 Carolina Journal: Legal challenge to governor's emergency powers one step closer to three-judge panel - Carolina Journal
February 8, 2022 The College Fix: San Jose State professor sues school after department called her ‘racist,’ blocked research
February 7, 2022 The Hill: Biden steps out of bounds with his wage hike for federal contractors
February 6, 2022 The Wall Street Journal: Opinion | When the Regulatory State Reaches Too Far
February 3, 2022 Epoch Times: California Prof Accused of Racism Over Archeology Book Sues for Being Canceled
February 3, 2022 Reason: The EPA Has Spent 15 Years Blocking This Couple From Building a Home. Will the Supreme Court Come to the Rescue?
February 2, 2022 Ballotpedia: Federal court invalidates Connecticut disclosure law
February 2, 2022 The Denver Post: Arkansas River Adventures owner says Biden minimum wage order hurts outfitters like him; sues federal government
January 31, 2022 The Dispatch: The end of affirmative action?
January 28, 2022 RFD-TV: Attorney offers insight on an Idaho couple's WOTUS case heading to the Supreme Court
January 26, 2022 The Center Square: Chicago renews controversial racial preferences in city contracting. That’s bad news for equal rights
January 24, 2022 The Washington Post: Supreme Court takes EPA case that could narrow Clean Water Act
January 24, 2022 Capital Press: U.S. Supreme Court to revisit Clean Water Act wetlands authority
January 24, 2022 E&E News: Supreme Court tees up wetlands fight that could cuff EPA
January 24, 2022 E&E News: Supreme Court takes WOTUS case
January 14, 2022 KOA-AM (Denver, CO): Luke Wake on Supreme Court Ruling | KOA 850 AM & 94.1 FM | Ross Kaminsky
January 12, 2022 The Boston Globe: Does free speech fly at City Hall Plaza?
January 11, 2022 The Wall Street Journal: Opinion | An Ugly Game of Race Preferences
January 3, 2022 The Daily Signal: Supreme Court Can, Should Resolve the Waters of the United States Issue
January 3, 2022 E&E News: Rafting companies warn fed wage mandate could drown industry