Inlet Village Saved from Eminent Domain


The Treasure Coast (Fla.) Palm has this editorial about how eminent domain reform is already helping some residents of Florida. Excerpt:

Amendment 8 in particular struck a chord with residents in the Jupiter area because of the possibility—no matter how slim—that the area around Inlet Village could be taken by eminent domain because it had received a "blighted" designation…in order to create the town's Community Redevelopment Agency.

Anna Current, an Inlet Village resident and vocal opponent of eminent domain, said Thursday, "The passage of Amendment 8 is like a nail in the coffin. Now no one will be able to take property from owners and put it into private hands."

Although the threat of eminent domain in Inlet Village has been eliminated, there are still significant challenges in this area, not the least of which is maintaining the character of Inlet Village and its role in the town's grand Riverwalk plan.

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Of course, litigation continues in Riviera Beach.