Jefferson County Journal on the Tourkakis Case


by Timothy Sandefur

Here's an unusually good story on the Missouri Supreme Court's Tourkakis decision. Excerpt:

With the ruling, Tourkakis said his belief in an individual's right to own property might be a myth. And, while he admits the whole experience has been unpleasant and exhausting, he has no misgivings about what he and his family tried to accomplish.

In fact, the battle with the city of Arnold has taught Tourkakis just how close his family is.

"With a great family unit you can overcome quite a bit, even when things don't turn out how you want," Tourkakis said.

Ron Calzone, chairman for Missouri Citizens for Property Rights, said he was not only disappointed by the court's ruling but also frustrated with the legal rationale behind the decision and that only one judge dissented.

He was quick to add that Tourkakis and his family were not being selfish in the case.

"They were trying to do this for all Missourians," Calzone said. "They're heroes in my book."

Now Tourkakis and his family are looking forward, deciding the best direction for their future.

"It's changed my whole financial picture," Tourkakis said about the case's impact on his life.

He added that when people are forced to leave their homes, spec houses are sometimes built as temporary residences.

"No one is building spec dentist offices," he said.

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