Kelo Case Anniversary Recalls An Eminent Domain Nightmare


Susette Kelo herself has this article in the Worcester (MA) Telegram. Excerpt:

This has been a stressful eight years. More often than not, I wake up exhausted, discouraged and wonder if this is all worth it. But even though I’ve lost my rights, and I’ve lost my property, I cannot quit. I want to keep my home.

The threat of eminent domain continues even though the governor has asked that our homes be incorporated into the redevelopment project. The city council rejected that suggestion and chose instead to evict us. We now face the very real prospect that when the wrecking crew is trundling down the road that the city councilors — my own city officials who are supposed to protect my rights — will have us dragged from our homes.

I and other families who remain, who are outraged by this gross violation of our basic civil rights, still plan to keep our homes. That’s how much they mean to us. We plan to keep fighting.

Don't miss the editorial cartoon, either.