Kentucky takes first step to abolish anti-competitive mover licensing law

February 28, 2013 | By TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

Yesterday, the Kentucky State Senate voted to approve SB 132, a bill that would repeal the anti-competitive licensing law for movers that we’re challenging in our lawsuit on behalf of entrepreneur Raleigh Bruner. The bill had been quickly approved by the Senate’s Licensing and Occupations Committee, and was passed overwhelmingly by the full Senate. It is now headed to the state House.

If lawmakers give full approval to the bill, it would mark the third time that a state has repealed a mover licensing law in response to a PLF lawsuit—the others being Oregon and Missouri. We’re also still moving forward in our lawsuit against Nevada’s mover monopoly law. You can learn more about the Kentucky bill from our friends at the NFIB’s Kentucky branch, and more about these anti-competitive licensing restrictions here.