Leading biz journal dubs PLF "one of the state's top property-rights law firms"


Author:  Paul J. Beard II

Earlier this month, we filed a lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission for attempting to extort a mile-long public-access easement of shoreline property from a family with land in San Luis Obispo, California, that wants to make simple repairs to a home.  We argue that the easement conditon effects an unconstitutional taking of private property, and we are asking the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court to strike down the condition.  For more information about the case, we've created an informative video presentation.

As I wrote in an October 12, 2010, blog post, the case has garnered substantial attention in the local media.  This week, the Pacific Coast Business Times wrote an excellent front-page story on the challenge.  In it, the Times (appropriately!) describes PLF as "one of the state's top property-rights law firms" that brings "legal expertise" to the case.