December 14, 2006

Nets' Brooklyn Project Moving Forward

By Nets' Brooklyn Project Moving Forward

by Steven Geoffrey Gieseler

The New Jersey Nets' proposed move to Brooklyn–where the new arena will take the place of homes seized by eminent domain–looks to be moving forward.  Two quick thoughts:

(1) From a basketball standpoint, even despite their recent, relative success, nobody really cares about the Nets.  Their appearance in the 2003 NBA Finals resulted in the lowest TV ratings for a championship series in the NBA's modern television era. Moving to Brooklyn won't help this.

(2) The eminent domain project is described as being "hailed" by outgoing Gov. George Pataki.  This, among other philosophically-related reasons, is why he has the same chance I do of winning his party's presidential nomination in 2008, even though he's probably running and I'm not even eligible.

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