January 19, 2008

News Round-Up about Tourkakis

By News Round-Up about Tourkakis

(left to right: PLF clients Julie and Homer Tourkakis pose with PLF attorney Timothy Sandefur and Homer's father Homer Sr., in front of the Missouri Supreme Court)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Eminent domain battle gets Supreme Court hearing.”

KOMU television: “Hoping to protect homes”

There’s also a video on KOMU’s website.

Columbia Tribune: “Dentist fights suburb over eminent domain”

St. Louis Business Journal: “Missouri Supreme Court to hear Arnold eminent domain case”

KSPR television: “Dentist fights eminent domain”

KHQA television: “S.C. considers eminent domain in smaller cities”

KSDK television: “Eminent Domain Case Goes to Supreme Court”

Great video available at KSDK also.

The Castle Coalition blog explains the larger implications of the Tourkakis case here.

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