Obamacare's other assault on the Constitution: IPAB

June 15, 2012 | By TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

Our friends Michael Cannon and Diane Cohen have an article in National Review Online today about the Independent Payment Advisory Board, one of the less famous assaults on constitutionalism included in the Obamacare legislation. As we pointed out last year, IPAB has been hailed by some of the Administration’s supporters as a group of “Platonic Guardians,” who are excited at the lawless power that IPAB will enjoy. Yet America’s founders made clear what they thought of “Platonic Guardians,” when they created a constitutional system with legal limits and democratic controls. PLF has joined the constitutional challenge to IPAB with this brief in Coons v. Geithener, a lawsuit that’s currently on hold in the Arizona Federal District Court. You can learn more about IPAB here.