PLF attorney Tony Francois to appear on KMJ Fresno's Ray Appleton Show

February 12, 2014 | By TONY FRANCOIS

Tomorrow in the noon hour on the West Coast I will be joined by PLF client John Duarte as we are interviewed by KMJ Fresno AM 580’s Ray Appleton, to talk about PLF’s lawsuit on John’s behalf against the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  You can tune in over the air to AM 580 in the greater Fresno area, or listen on the internet here.

Duarte v. Corps of Engineers challenges the Army Corps’ practice of issuing cease and desist orders to farmers, preventing them from tilling and harvesting their land, without any hearing.  Under the constitution’s due process clause, you have a right to a hearing before the government deprives you of property, which is what happens when the Corps orders you to stop farming property that you are otherwise legally farming.