May 11, 2010

PLF in the New York Times

By PLF in the New York Times

Author:  Damien M. Schiff220px-Nytimes_hq

Last Sunday's Bay Area edition of the New York Times featured an article on Peter Douglas, the California Coastal Commission's long-serving executive director.  While noting Mr. Douglas' impeccable environmentalist and anti-development credentials, as well as his self-described "radical pagan heretic" beliefs, the article also observed that "Mr. Douglas's most consistent opposition has come from the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation."  The article cited PLF's recent victory in Sterling v. California Coastal Commission as an example of Mr. Douglas "pick[ing] unnecessary fights with small property owners at the expense of broader planning to avert erosion and haphazard development."  Also mentioned was PLF's pending petition for review in the California Supreme Court of the Gualala Fireworks case.

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