PLF seeks to enforce CESA in court this Friday

December 07, 2016 | By WENCONG FA

The California Endangered Species Act requires the Department of Fish and Wildlife to conduct status reviews of species listed as endangered or threatened every five years. The Department has abdicated this duty for 233 species. PLF sued to enforce the law, and will make its case in San Diego Superior Court this Friday.

According to the Department, performing the status reviews would “severely disrupt the Department’s ability to . . . protect California’s wildlife.” Totally false. In reality, the status reviews are needed to protect endangered species. The status reviews provide information as to the current conditions of listed species to the Department. Without such reviews, the Department could be wasting resources on species that no longer need protection. And the Department could be listing certain species as threatened when they are actually endangered. In all, the status reviews are an integral part of protecting California’s wildlife. PLF expects a decision in the next few weeks.