Tomorrow: PLF urges Nevada federal court to protect the right to earn a living

June 20, 2013 | By TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

[Note: After a couple calendar changes, Judge Du has now restored this hearing to its original time of Friday, June 21 at 10am in Courtroom 3.]

Only days after winning an injunction against Kentucky’s anti-competition law for moving companies, PLF attorneys will be heading to the federal courthouse in Reno at 10 tomorrow morning to ask Judge Miranda Du to issue a preliminary injunction against the nation’s most anti-competitive licensing law. PLF represents Reno businessman Maurice Underwood and his company, Man With Van, in challenging the Silver State’s licensing law for moving businesses. That law says you can’t get a license to run a moving company if you’d compete against the existing moving companies–thus creating a cartel that restricts the number of moving businesses, raises prices for customers, and stifles the right of hard-working entrepreneurs to earn a living. That law doesn’t protect the public; it protects the pocketbooks of existing companies–and that’s unconstitutional. Worse, the law is so vaguely written that nobody–not even the bureaucrats who enforce the law–actually knows what it means.

You can learn more about the case here and here.