PLF's Brandon Middleton to testify before House Natural Resources Committee on the ESA


PLF attorney Brandon Middleton, whom readers of the PLF Liberty Blog know has been knee-deep in the delta smelt litigation, will be testifying before the full Natural Resources Committee of the United States House of Representatives tomorrow morning.  This is an oversight hearing on the Endangered Species Act  titled “The Endangered Species Act: How Litigation is Costing Jobs and Impeding True Recovery Efforts.”

The panel will included individuals testifying from a variety of perspectives.  PLF, of course, is intimately familiar with how the ESA has been used progressively by environmental groups and the federal government over the last several decades to successfully impede and halt farming, timber harvesting, ranching, grazing, development, and other constructive human activities across vast areas of both private and public land, while rendering dubious benefit to the species that are the purported beneficiaries of this law.

The hearing will be live-streamed, starting at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, and can be viewed here when it goes live.  We will also be posting a copy of Brandon’s testimony and, when available, we will try to post a video of his testimony, as well.