PLF's Timothy Sandefur on A&G to talk about California's unfair Unfair Competition Law

May 30, 2013 | By TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

I’ll be joining Armstrong & Getty in about five minutes to talk about California’s absurd Unfair Competition Law–and why you can get sued for faking a movie review. You can listen online here.

I mentioned Justice Brown’s opinion in the San Remo Hotel case. You can read that here–just scroll down to her dissenting opinion near the bottom. I also mentioned the California License Handbook, which you can read here. It includes such classics as the Inedible Kitchen Grease Transporter License, the Chiropractic Referral Service License, the Authorization to Sell Seed, the Guide Dog School License, and the Squid Boat Owner’s Permit (which is different from a Market Squid Vessel Permit).

Update: Here’s the podcast.