April 16, 2021

Kentucky Supreme Court to hear case on reining in governor’s unlawful emergency powers

Lexington, Kentucky; April 16, 2021: The Kentucky Supreme Court announced late last evening that it will take up a key separation of powers case involving Gov. Andrew Beshear’s continued unlawful use of executive orders.

“We’re excited to present our clients’ case to the Kentucky Supreme Court,” said Oliver Dunford, an attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation, representing the businesses. “We hope the court will agree with our simple proposition that the governor—like everyone else in the Commonwealth must follow the laws.”

A group of brewpubs and restaurants sued after the Kentucky legislature overrode the governor’s veto of a bill to rein in his overbroad, overextended use of executive orders. Despite the veto, Gov. Beshear continues to demand Kentuckians’ compliance with orders that have expired under the newly enacted laws.

Pacific Legal Foundation represents Goodwood Brewing Company, Trindy’s, and Dundee Tavern free of charge. The case is Goodwood Brewing Company, LLC v. Beshear.

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