Radanovich Signs Pacific Legal Foundation’s ‘Save Our Water’ Petition to Schwarzenegger and Obama

July 10, 2009 | By TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

We are pleased to announce that Congressman George Radanovich has signed Pacific Legal Foundation’s “Save Our Water” Petition. We thank the Congressman for his support, which indicates how truly important PLF’s petition is. Congressman Radanovich is fully aware of the draconian Endangered Species Act water restrictions and wants Governor Schwarzenegger to do all that he can to bring much needed relief. Radanovich understands how convening the “God Squad” is an important step in the right direction.

Today the Congressman stated the following:

“Environmental restrictions on federal and state water deliveries have wrecked havoc on farmers and farm workers in the San Joaquin Valley. Unemployment in the Valley is at 20% and in some towns as high as 40%. We’ve lost 40,000 jobs and almost a billion dollars in agriculture revenue. Crime and homelessness are skyrocketing as is alcohol and drug abuse.

“Speaker Pelosi has ignored and actively worked against every attempt that I and the rest of the Valley delegation have made to fix the current man made drought in California and relieve the San Joaquin Valley of a humanitarian crisis that is a result of oppressive environmental regulations that value the lives of fish over humans.

“Join me in signing Pacific Legal Foundation’s petition and send the radical environmentalists in Washington and Sacramento a message: when it comes to water policy, humans come before fish.”

Congressman Radanovich’s press release will be available on his website within the next few days, and we again thank him for his support — if you have not already done, please join him and the thousands of others in asking Governor Schwarzenegger to put humans before fish!