March 6, 2009

Radical Enviro Appointed to Coastal Commission

By Radical Enviro Appointed to Coastal Commission

SF Gate reports that the Senate Rules Committee yesterday appointed San Francisco Board of Supervisor, Ross Mirkarimi, to a seat on the California Coastal Commission. 

Mirkarimi co-founded the California chapter of the Green Party and is a radical environmentalist.  A perusal of his record as supervisor makes clear this one's no friend to property rights or business. 

Mirkarimi can't wait to get to work on what he happily refers to as "one of the most powerful land-use bodies in this country."  And he seems to think the Commission hasn't been anti-development enough, declaring "[i]t's important to have a strong, open-minded progressive sitting on the commission, …." 

The years ahead may prove to be a real challenge to property owners in the coastal zone. 

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