"Riviera redevelopment effort stunned"


by Steven Geoffrey Gieseler

So says this article in today's Palm Beach Post.  According to the piece, Riviera Beach's eminent domain scheme is "on the ropes" due to external pressures and internal disarray.

The statements offered by city officials evidence hints of confusion and desperation.  The following also demonstrate a sadly characteristic degree of disregard for the rule of law:

"For the governor and the state legislature to pull the rug out from under us …[sic] there's got to be relief in the court system that we can get," [Mayor Michael] Brown said.

"I thought we made a prudent move," [City Council Chairwoman Ann] Iles said.  "We had to continue our process regardless of what the state legislature and the governor were going to do."

William Cooper Jr.'s entire article is worth reading, as it is to date the most complete media account of the situation in Riviera Beach.