San Bernardino Moves to Preserve Eminent Domain Powers


by Timothy Sandefur

Voters in San Bernardino County, Cal., passed Measure O last year to restrict the county's abuse of eminent domain. Bureaucrats, however, not only didn't get the message, but saw it as all the more reason to protect their ability to violate people's property rights:

San Bernardino County is moving to pass new laws to protect its ability to use the power of eminent domain to acquire property. Other cities and counties across the state are doing the same.

To meet the requirements of a state law approved last year, local redevelopment agencies must outline their programs to use the often controversial land-acquisition tool. If not done by July 1, the agencies could lose the power of eminent domain.

San Bernardino County supervisors take up ordinances today, while the city of San Bernardino passed similar measures Monday.

Kathy Thomas, head of the county's redevelopment agency, was unavailable Monday for comment.

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