School choice helps students, families, and schools

December 14, 2015 | By WENCONG FA

The Missoulian has published my guest column on Montana’s Scholarship Tax Credit Program. As you may recall, the Montana legislature enacted the program to provide parents with the opportunity to send their children to any private school in Montana. The Department of Revenue, however, recently proposed rules that unconstitutionally singles out religion for discriminatory treatment by preventing parents from using private funds to send their children to religious schools. If the Department goes forward with the rules, you can be sure that Pacific Legal Foundation will be returning to Montana to defend school choice and the Constitution.

Our steadfast support for school choice in Montana has attracted opposition from those who wish to preserve the public school monopoly. My guest column, for instance, responds to a misguided op-ed from Senator Sue Malek, which mentions PLF by name. My column explains that the Montana Scholarship Tax Credit Program “isn’t about undermining public education (as Malek suggests), but enhancing the educational environment overall, by enriching the menu of offerings and options.”

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