School choice is not a left/right issue

May 13, 2014 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

Florida Democrat Daphne Campbell has voted for school choice in her home state. Unsurprisingly , the Politburo state teachers’ union is upset.  Ms. Campbell explains her decision — and the reactions of several Apparatchiks union members  — in an op-ed in the Miami Herald.  Here’s a snippet:

Never mind that it gives these children some legitimate learning options. Never mind that the beneficiaries are mostly black or Hispanic and live barely above poverty. Never mind that I’m a Haitian-American nurse and lawmaker who represents a North Miami district that is almost 90-percent black and Hispanic.

My vote recently to strengthen Tax Credit Scholarships for these students was treated as an act of defiance by the state House Democratic Caucus. The whole episode makes me wonder: If not for these desperate underprivileged families, for whom does my party expect me to fight?

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