Chad Wilcox

Chief Operating Officer Sacramento

Chad Wilcox joined Pacific Legal Foundation in 2017 as Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Chad oversees all internal operations and works with the executive leadership team to advance PLF’s mission—to secure all Americans’ inalienable rights to live responsibly and productively in pursuit of happiness.

Chad is a lifelong lover of liberty with an aptitude for strategy and operations and a passion for changing the world.  Raised in the North (Peoria), educated in the South (Nashville), and born in Texas (Wichita Falls), Chad claims unapologetic solidarity with all regions. He received a M.Ed. in organizational leadership and a B.A. in political science and economics, both from Vanderbilt University.

After becoming aware that one could actually make a career combining these things—and because a friend thought he sounded a bit libertarian and handed him a brochure—Chad spent more than eight years in Washington, D.C., with the Institute for Humane Studies, a university-based nonprofit that engages students and professors to study and advance liberty. His work with IHS spanned a wide range of areas including operations, program administration, marketing, and external relations. Following this, Chad spent three years as COO with the London-based Institute of Economic Affairs, the premier free-market think tank in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest in the world.

When not working (which is rare), Chad enjoys craft beer and cocktails, Tennessee Titans football, traveling the country and world, and extended discussions with friends about ever better strategies for advancing liberty.


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