Rachel Swaffer

Outreach Director |

Rachel Swaffer has served the Outreach Director for Pacific Legal Foundation since 2018. In this role, she is responsible for connecting litigation, research, and legislative work to the larger ecosystem of organizations, communities, and individuals fighting the same villain: overreaching, abusive government.

Since joining the organization, Rachel has worked with community leaders across the country to raise awareness for issues like racial discrimination and home equity theft, organized legal strategy forums with leading scholars from across the country, and coordinated the release of groundbreaking research on agency rulemaking.

In an organization with over 100 active cases across the United States, Rachel is an expert at identifying the most valuable opportunities for PLF to elevate and engage with partners and allies. the rest of the PLF team, Rachel is willing to put everything on the line for a cause she believes in, and confident that our best chance for success comes from working with others to achieve our shared vision for a freer America.

An avid cook, hiker, and world traveler, Rachel enjoys finding opportunities for improvisation and creativity in everyday life. She’s an expert at finding the win in impossible situations – whether that’s building bridges between warring communities, connecting esoteric academic research to applied campaigns, or stretching her vacation days to fit in one more trip than she probably should.

Prior to joining Pacific Legal Foundation, Rachel honed her policy and program management skills at the Institute for Humane Studies and NASA. She has a BA in politics from Hillsdale College and an MBA from George Mason University.