Survey finds support for Prop. 90

September 22, 2006 | By PACIFIC LEGAL FOUNDATION

It's buried in the next-to-last paragraph, and no details are provided, but this piece cites a survey indicating "voter sentiment running in favor of" California's Proposition 90.

UPDATE:  I guess that means these folks better pick up the pace.  That includes San Mateo Councilman Brandt Grotte, who offers this lament about Prop. 90:

It takes away every attempt of the city to protect us.  Whether or not you believe the city does that . . . it does take away any ability for the city to protect us

According to the poll cited in the second paragraph of this article, 61% of Californians don't "believe the city does that," and/or have decided to pass on their cities' benevolence and to take protection of their property into their own hands.